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10 Reasons To Consider Edibles

CBD Products and Edibles

A large percentage of people who enjoy CBD, THCA and Delta 9 products prefer to use smokeable options including flower and disposable pens. These products are reliable but they are not the only option that you consider. Edibles deliver a great experience with the same consistency and you can pick and choose among a vast selection. 

Brownies and cookies are a start but now you can enjoy gummies and krispies along with dozens of other options that are easy to order and store. Even better, you can mix and match and choose from some of your favorite foods. 

Are Edibles A Better Option

As you browse the options of edibles, consider that they deliver a different but reliable experience. It’s best to take some time and start off small, seeing how the experience with a single bite or piece works first, especially if you are not used to them. If you are not sure why to add edibles to the mix, here are some good reasons: 

  1. No smoking: It does not matter what you are smoking, smoking is never something you want to do continuously throughout the day. This gives you an alternative option to add to the mix. 
  2. Easier to portion: How much do you want to take right now? It’s easy to mix and match what you want when you are dealing with food, especially things that you can portion. 
  3. Easy to use: Take a bite and you are done, how easy is that? 
  4. More selection: Edibles are now available in dozens of options and include the best quality CBD, THCA and Delta 9 meaning you get the same quality you get from the smokeables, but you also get to enjoy some delicious treats. 
  5. Higher dosages: Sometimes, we forget that smoking is only one option to enjoy these products and we can only take in so much through that method. Another option is to eat more which is easy to do with some of these choices. 
  6. Taste: One of the reasons edibles are so popular is because the taste of CBD, THCA and others are not exactly amazing. In fact, the direct options are not tasty at all and this helps you get the dosage you want, without having to deal with the taste you’d rather avoid. 
  7. Different feeling: There is a different feeling than with smoking. 
  8. Can combine with smoking: Because of that, you can combine it throughout the day and take breaks from smoking. By mixing it up, you get the opportunity to give yourself different experiences and also smoke less. 
  9. Affordable: Edibles are constantly on sale and you can always find great deals either online or in our store. 
  10. Can buy online: Yes, you can now buy your favorite products online and have them shipped directly to you and they are the same quality and taste as what you can get in our stores. 

Edibles are a popular option as long as you are getting quality CBD, THCA, or Delta 9. If you have questions about the options that are available, or want to know what to expect from gummies versus baked options, how to pick the best options for you or something else, feel free to contact us today. 

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