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Best THCA & Delta 9 Products To Utilize 

THCA, Delta 9 and CBD products are in high demand, especially online. Local stores are able to sell these products online to their customers and they are adding a large selection of products including smokeables, gummies, drinks and more. So, which options are best for you and what should you consider using? This is something everyone needs to research on their own and the best way to determine which options work best for you is to try multiple ones, but make sure you spread them out. 

Doing too many at the same time may give you a mixed result that is not reliable. If you are looking for something specific, look directly at what the product offers in the form of THCA, Delta 9 or CBD and whether or not that is the experience you are looking for. Each product is first based on those options and then is broken down into products that consumers have a preference of using. 

Smokeables Give You A Quick Response

Believe it or not, smoking is the most popular option for these products and those options are broken up into three primary categories; flower, pens and disposable pens. These options deliver similar experiences and are more based on your preference of use and where you are using the products as well. It should be noted that flowers can have a very strong smell which is why vaping may be a better option for some. 

Along with the different options for smoking, there are dozens of options as far as brands, flavors, strengths and more. You should consider trying different options if you are not committed to one and there are a variety of packages and ordering options that can help you get new products each month to try. 

Gummies Are A Nice, Easy Constant

If you like gummies, or are not a fan of the taste of the direct product, you may want to consider ordering a pack of gummies online. These products are great because they taste amazing and you can easily portion what you want to take. Gummies are the most popular edible option so be sure to check the dosages and how much of each option you get. 

Drink It Up 

Want to make a cup of tea or add some pop to your favorite juice? Delta 9, CBD and THCA all come in options that allow you to enhance your favorite beverages and add the dosages you want. This is a great option as well because it’s easy to transport and packages are reliable with dispensing and use. 

The Perfect Treat 

Think of these products as a treat and research the options you want. Yes, an edible with Delta 9 is going to give you a different experience than if you were to smoke something with the same ingredients. However, you should consider trying different things, especially if you can save big online. Contact Kannavis Botanicals today to learn more about these products and how to join our loyalty program. 

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