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Buying CBD Online, What To Know

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Have you purchased CBD products online before, or even in a store? Every day, thousands of consumers try these products for the first time. Regardless of their motivation, this is a test. Consumers want to know what a product is like by using it themselves, however, before making a purchase, they will ask friends, family and even research the information online. That’s what you are doing right now, you are researching CBD products online trying to make a decision what to buy and from where. 

What to buy is difficult to say. Everyone is different and everyone has different interests in these products. Your expectations need to be realistic but you also need to know that what you are buying is quality. How do you do that? The same way you do with any other product, you do your homework and find the best company to buy from.

Tips For Buying CBD Online 

Buying CBD online is similar to buying almost anything else. You want to look for a platform or business that is going to deliver quality, right to your home. As you get started, remember that the first business you visit may not be the right one for you. There are hundreds of businesses in this field that offer high quality products. Here’s how you find them: 

  • Focus on information: Good CBD businesses want to talk and they want to teach. They understand that the majority of their consumers are not familiar with these products, the process and so forth. They want to get you on the phone and explain to you why their products are better, what to order if you are not sure and more. They will also have tons of details on their website for you to reference so that you know exactly what you are purchasing. 
  • Start with what you know: What made you interested in the products? Was it a recommendation from someone or have you just heard so much about it that you want to try it? What are you familiar with when you browse the website, even if you have never tried something? Look at what you may think will be a good first option to try because you are somewhat familiar with the type of products they are. 
  • Reach out to the company: Communication is key and you do not want to buy from someone who cannot even respond to the questions you have and provide reliable answers. If you cannot talk to them as a potential customer, you will not be able to talk to them once you’re a customer. Look for service as well as great products. 
  • Keep notes: What are you buying, what are you using, did you like it, what did you not like? These are all things you want to keep track of so that you can learn from your experience and consider these things when you try new products. 
  • Get points: Good CBD companies want your business, great ones want you back. Because of the competition, these companies will reward customer loyalty and referrals. Look for brands that offer rewards points or something to show appreciation for long-term loyalty. 
  • Be prepared for deals: CBD companies produce their best sales numbers during big promotions. It’s when the consumer is most likely to buy, even if they like the products, they will wait. That’s why you want to look for brands that have great deals as well. Yes, you can shop for new products and try things out, but wait for big purchases until you can save. 
  • Buy in bulk and save: Yup, these businesses know you’re going to wait to buy in bulk and save big. They appreciate the business you provide and they will accommodate you with opportunities. 
  • Look for selection: How many products are listed right now on the website you are on? Dozens, hundreds? If there are fewer than 10 products, you may want to choose another site and company. Even if the products are quality, good companies have dozens because they want to fulfill the needs of their customers, not just make a quick sale. 

Yes, you may try different companies before you make a commitment to one. However, once you find a company that provides great service, high-quality products and great deals, you will be set and can work with them everytime you make a purchase. The best part, they will keep providing you with free information so you will keep learning as well. 

Good CBD Companies Have COA’s 

While this is all great, how do you know if the products are quality? You are buying something new with minimal information available, especially from personal experience. So, how do you know you are buying quality? Third-party lab testing is the key and this is where companies submit their products for review and display the results to you directly. 

You can find this either on the product page or under the COA page which stands for Certificate of Analysis. This page gives you detailed information, provided and verified from a third party, and breaks down the details of each product including the ingredients. Even if you are not sure what all this information means when you review the files, you can be sure that the company that displays these has far better quality than the ones that do not. 

Your selection of a new CBD company may take a while. Depending on where you live, it may be easier or more challenging to get these products from local vendors. Even if you decide to try with a local store, look for the COA’s and other information that provides you with confidence in the product. Once you have a bit more experience with what you like, you can go from shopping local to shopping from an online store that helps you save big while also shipping your preferred products right to your home. If you are not sure where to start, test out the customer service of an online company and see what type of quality you get there. 

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