At Kannavis Cafe, every bite marries freshness with the serene bliss of THC

Since we bake fresh every morning, our menu
features a limited supply of these innovative baked
goods, crafted to enchant your taste buds and
elevate your experience.


Each brownie is double-drizzled to add to its scrumptious chocolaty
depth. Sink your teeth into our decadent, fudgy brownie that not only
satisfies you, it envelops you in a warm, comforting embrace. Enjoy the
sweet fusion of indulgence and relaxation as the outer layer crackles
slightly as you delve into the rich interior. Each bite delivers a velvety
texture, mingled with the nuanced undertones of high-quality cannabis.
Welcome to blissful tranquility.

120 MG THC-Infused
Rice Crispy Pops

Each pop starts with our signature crispy treat, dipped in luscious white
chocolate and artistically drizzled with dark chocolate over marshmallow
for a mesmerizing taste contrast. The finale? A playful garnish of colorful
sprinkles and rich brownie bits, adding texture and an extra burst of flavor.
These pops aren't just treats; they're an adventure in taste, perfectly
blending the joy of THC with the art of dessert crafting.

60 MG THC Muffin

A delightful morning or mid-day treat infused with THC. Choose your flavor
adventure - the bursting freshness of blueberries or the classic comfort of
chocolate chips. Each muffin is baked to perfection, resulting in a soft, moist
texture that perfectly encapsulates the flavors within. They are a gentle
elevation paired with gourmet taste.

Order ahead for special events, or drop by and choose a treat to
accompany your beverage. Non-infused items also available.

Kannavis Cafe

3906 Pacific Ave,
Wildwood, NJ 08260


Mon-Fri 6am-10pm
Sat 6am-6pm

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