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At Kannavis Botanicals, we take pride in the work we do. That includes the CBD products we make and sell, but also the customer service we provide. The challenge in the CBD industry is the consumer. Some are experienced, some have basic experience and knowledge while many are learning everything they can including what to purchase, how to know if it’s quality and how to pick the best options. That’s a lot to ask of someone, especially if they have never used these products before. 

One of the easiest ways to get started is to shop local. Local shops should have a great selection as well as people who can educate you on the selection, what may work best for you and what else you can consider. The opportunity to learn about these products is important not only to ensure quality, but to learn what works best for you. Each consumer is different and that’s why it’s difficult for any business to refer products and strategies to anyone.

Customer Service 

The saying goes, if you cannot get your questions answered by a CBD company before you buy from them, you will probably not get answers once you buy from them. Why is that? Because every company in the industry knows your value as a new consumer and they are desperate to get you in the door and show you what they can do. Customer service for new or prospective consumers is the easiest way to build long-term loyalty with the brand and if they are failing at that, they are probably going to fail with other aspects. 

At Kannabis Botanicals, we make a true commitment to customer service for this very reason. As a consumer, you need reliable and proven information. That may be provided in an email or with a 20 minute phone call but we believe the company that’s willing to put in that time is the one that really wants your business and is ready to stand by the products they offer. 

Real Experience 

Do you have experience with CBD products? If yes, then what was that experience like? How much do you know about other types of products that are offered on our site? Not familiar with them? This is one of the other issues that has come up in the industry and it impacts customers of all types, even the ones who have real experience with these products. If the quality is not there or you are not getting the right product for you, then you are missing out. 

In some cases, the consumer has the right product but is not familiar with it and therefore they are not getting the right use out of it. Why would that be beneficial to anyone making a purchase of a new product? That’s why, not only is customer service important, but having someone there to give you that guidance with each selection based on their own personal experience. 

Reliable Information 

What are you being told about these products? Are you understanding the information you are finding online or being given in person? If you are not, then what value does it have? This is why the one on one consultations and guidance are so valuable because you are not only given information, but you are shown why this is the right information you need to research and why. 

We believe an educated consumer is often a happy consumer and we are here to provide you with the information and answers you need to make confident purchases. Yes, you will not know what to expect until you make a purchase and try it. However, until then, there’s no way to know but you can take the time to be properly prepared and know what you are buying. 

Great Ways To Save 

Again, we are excited to have experienced and educated consumers who are familiar with CBD products but also want to learn more. With hopefully a long-term trust between our business and you, we can help you get the quality you want at a fair price. We offer deals throughout the month to help our customers save and we are more than happy to assist you with bulk orders as well. 

Many of our customers holdout until we offer our sales because they want to buy in large orders but we only recommend this type of purchasing if you are familiar with the products you are ordering. We love the big orders but we want happy customers just as much. More importantly to us is that you have a good experience with the buying process and get the information and products you need. 

Check Out Our COA’s 

When you visit different CBD websites, you will notice that some of them have a page or sections labeled COA’s. These pages display information provided by third-party lab testing including Certificate of Analysis for each product that’s available on the site. The certificates show that the product was tested and verifies the information the company is providing including ingredients and dosages. Without this information, you should never purchase a product from a company, even if they are offering a great deal. 

Good CBD companies should offer information about their products including what goes into them, the ingredients that are used, the process of making each product and more. You also should know who manufacturers the products if the store is selling another brand. This can happen and companies know that they still have to provide COA’s to their consumers, even if they are not the manufacturer. Every product on the site needs to have information that gives you confidence in your purchase. 

You will not find better quality or service online than when you work with Kannavis Botanicals. We are here to assist you with all your questions and CBD needs. Please feel free to contact us directly through our website or call us if you have questions about anything. We are here to make your shopping experience easier by providing you with all the assistance you need. 

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